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Does the thought of social media ruffling your feathers? Finding it hard to stand out from the crowd? Has throwing money at advertising, put your beak out of joint? Let us help you to be a social flamingo! We can teach you how to get the most for your posting, tweeting, hashtags and budget. Soon it will be so easy, you can do it standing on one leg! 

We help you create targeted campaigns and content across your social media channels, which target your audience over multiple devices to increase your audience and generate engagement, tracking this right through to sales conversions.

As part of the strategic planning process, we identify a framework for your social media activity, and produce a schedule which ties into seasonal events within your business model, current trends, and your sales and marketing campaigns. Providing a truly end-to-end service.


Social Media Services:

  • Audience Targeting

  • Advertising

  • Campaign Creation

  • Social Tracking

  • Content Creation

  • Trend Tracking

  • Identifying influencers

  • Generating engagement


From creating an audience base filled with your target customers, to building a community or business network and being both pro-active and re-active to trends – we have your social covered.

Contact our team to drive your social community and reach forward! 


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