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Our strategies mean business. Here at Creative Marmalade, we are all about the results. Which is why you will hear us continuously referring back to the ‘strategy’.

We spend time immersing ourselves into your business, across product/services, sales and business development, as well as working closely with the board members to ensure that we don’t just create a marketing strategy in its own right, we create a business strategy with legs. A strategy which will whip all relevant departments into gear, and ensure clear communications internally to ensure the smooth running of each departmental cog involved in the sales and marketing process.

This way of working seeks to define your 1-5 year business aims and determine KPIs which then act as measurements we can track your marketing back to.

Strategic Planning services:

  • Business consultation

  • Brand strategy

  • Marketing strategy

  • Communications Strategy

  • Sales and marketing training and integration

  • Customer Experience Strategy

  • Data strategy

  • Technology, platforms and systems review

  • Stakeholder engagement


Our focus is your business growth. We pride ourselves on delivering strategies which enable you to see your business grow.


Contact us today, to discuss your marketing strategy. Not quite got a strategy? Let us help!  

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